Villa Carmen Atelier

Villa Carmen Atelier

Museum, Atelier and Guesthouse 

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Walking distance from Old San Juan and the famous beaches of Escambron, Villa Carmen is an immersive experience into Puerto Rico's cultural heritage. This multi-use space for the arts is home to

The San Juan Harbor Museum

51 Pelayo, Historic Guesthouse

Villa Carmen Atelier and Residency

This landmark building in the heart of the San Juan Peninsula serves as a nexus of innovation, collaboration and exhibition. Since 1932 it has served as an atelier for Puerto Rico's most renowned artists, opening its culture and ideas to the world. Villa Carmen is an international space for the arts where all are invited to contribute and generate strength for our community.

Scroll down to explore current and upcoming projects at Villa Carmen for 2018.

The San Juan Harbor Museum


The San Juan Harbor Museum is the new home to Puerto Rico's most important contemporary artists. In addition to rotating exhibitions, the museum works with the local community to preserve and exhibit historical artifacts from the 19th and 20th century, serving as a time capsule for this period of Puerto Rico's rich past.


51 Pelayo B&B


51 Pelayo is a historic guest house in Villa Carmen open to travelers from around the world. Located in the center of San Juan this landmark building provides a doorway to bygone era in Puerto Ricos history.


Atelier & Artist Residencies


At this turbulent time in Puerto Rico's history, the arts are being used as a means to stimulate growth and innovation for its communities. Villa Carmen will once again establish the neighborhood of Puerta de Tierra as an international center for the arts. Through its events, activities and workshops, the atelier will give the local community access to art projects of an international scope. It connects the community to a cross flow of ideas and a platform for artistic and social expression.


Artist in Residence
Project La Comedia

Esteban Figueroa is a world renowned multimedia artist. He is a creative and cultural provocateur at the frontier of Latin American art today. As Puerto Rico goes through historic changes, his international project La Comedia invites communities to express their relationship to family and culture through the iconic metaphors found in the divine comedy.

As the founder and artistic director of Villa Carmen, Esteban looks to engage the local community in a dialogue by providing workshops and events, as well as inviting visiting artists from around the world. 

Collaborative Project:
Digital Library Project

El Portal is a collaborative project between Villa Carmen Atelier and the Archivo Nacional of Puerto Rico. Through the generous support of Joe Harrison, the National Archive has generated a project called Geoisla. This online platform is designed to explore, collect and disseminate the cultural history of Puerto Rico through art, architecture, design and related themes.

El Portal


Geoisla and Villa Carmen Atelier have come together to create a interactive program, which will allow individuals to contribute to the National Archive and link the past with the future. Using GPS satellite technology, residents, visitors, students and educators can submit site specific information related to the culture and history of Puerto Rico. 

Stay tuned to our blog to hear the latest updates about this exciting project and how you can contribute to the preservation of Puerto Rico's rich history.