51 Pelayo b&B

51 Pelayo is a historic guest house within Villa Carmen open to travelers from around the world. This iconic home has been converted into a B&B featuring period furniture, artwork and cultural artifacts from the 19th and 20th century. Ideally situated within walking distance from Old San Juan, the beach and countless historical sites, 51 Pelayo opens the culture and history of this historic harbor district to the global community. 



Experience Puerto Rico's Architectural History

Villa Carmen is one of the only architectural representations of its kind on the island. Constructed in 1932 by the Yupur family, it features a rare French Neo-Classical style façade cast in concrete. Over the last 80 years it has served as an art atelier for some of Puerto Rico’s most renowned artists, such as Juan Antonio Rosada, who in the 1950's hosted artists, musicians and cultural ambassadors from around the world.





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Stay in the Center of San Juan's Historic District

51 Pelayo is in the heart of the Puerta De Tierra harbor district. This central location puts you walking distance from Old San Juan, the five flag beach of Escambron and steps away from the brand new Terraza del Mar Plaza overlooking the ocean. Newly made bike paths circle around the entire San Juan peninsula, guiding you past the gorgeous coastline to El Morro, Puerto Rico's most iconic site.

Pedro Adorno Irizarry, Agua Sol y Sereno Studio, Puerta de Tierra, PR

Pedro Adorno Irizarry, Agua Sol y Sereno Studio, Puerta de Tierra, PR

Tap into Puerto Rico's Artist Culture

51 Pelayo sits atop a working artist studio and atelier which hosts cultural events and interactive workshops as well as the San Juan Harbor Museum. Guests will have an inside view of the inner workings of the atelier and be able to participate in its activities.

Villa Carmen Atelier also has relationships with the island's most important cultural organizations such as Ateneo Puertoriqueño and Organicacion San Augustin, which host festivals of local food and dance, theater programs and more. Nowhere can one get closer to the island's creative pulse.  


Step into the Past

See the sites that have been immortalized in Puerto Rico's past. 51 Pelayo is launching a guided tour powered by google maps which you can follow right from your phone. See these historic sites and more, by foot or by bike!


51 Pelayo, Puerta De Tierra,
San Juan, PR 00901